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Gothic Gauntlets- 16 Gauge Steel – Lord of Battles


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    These Gothic styled gauntlets are constructed from articulated plates of steel fluted and ridged in the iconic Gothic style of armor. The well-articulated plates of these gauntlets are crafted from 16 gauge riveted steel. The inside of the plates are blackened. An integrated suede leather glove fits the hand inside the gauntlet; the finger plates are given a second backing of leather to protect the suede glove from chafing against the finger plates.

    A hinged wrist plate is adjusted to fit with a steel buckle and strap. The gauntlet is further fitted to the hand with a palm strap and a secondary steel buckle and strap.

    Gauge [16 Gauge]
    TypeFinger Gauntlets
    MaterialMild Steel
    ManufacturerLord Of Battles
    Country of OriginIndia

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    5 reviews for Gothic Gauntlets- 16 Gauge Steel – Lord of Battles

    1. Julian Matheney

      Great set of gauntlets! These pair of gauntlets are very sturdy for the price. Hinges are well built and very articulated. Built in gloves are very soft and comfortable. Well worth the price in my opinion. If your looking for a gothic style pair of gauntlets that will last then these are for you!

    2. Jackson M.

      Quite good. I’d give these a 4.7. They feel quite natural when wielding a sword and feel solid overall. The only real qualm I have with the design is that the thumb guard hinges can get stuck in an upward position leaving a lot of space. Additionally, some of the fittings are a bit off; one of the buckles for the straps is quite stiff, some of the rivets wiggle, etc. These kinds of things are to be expected, however, and overall I do not think they detract to much from the functionality of the armor or threaten to come apart.

    3. Klanderud

      Very nice piece for a non-custom part. Great value and good armor. Good protection on the fingers.
      Good mobility hands and plates does not impede movement too much. Only side to side movement is difficult. Nice thickness and quality. Light weight yet thick and sturdy. Looks good for even contact sport. I have L hands in the Americas or XL, LL hands in Asia. For L hands you probably don’t need finger tip protectors. It fits good with a little room, but could use a little extra padding then just the glove. You could add a goatskin or deerskin glove and wear that on the inside of the gauntlet in addition to the rough leather provided, it will feel better and have a little more padding.

      The thumb guard hinges was bent a little and prevented it from proper movement. I just bent it by hand and got it moving properly.

    4. Red E.

      Good but no where near perfect These gauntlets have excellent mobility, look fantastic, and protect quite well, but are poorly constructed. I used them once when practicing on the quintain and 3 of the fingers are already falling apart because of poor stitching of the glove to the leather. I also had to replace a rivet on the thumb that was poorly attached. I recommend them but be prepared to have to repair them or make adjustments.

    5. HHM (verified owner)

      The primary issue is that repro gauntlets, including these, to lesser extent, are made for gorilla hands. These are about a size 12, measured in palm circumference. I will be disassembling them to shorten the fingers, and adjust the wrist to knuckles length. Otherwise, reasonably well made and nice looking. I do wish, however, the manufacturers would make some attempt to make, at least, three sizes.

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