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Imperial Russian Dragoon Officer’s Saber – Universal Swords


Battle Ready
Battle Ready

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    This version of the 1881 Imperial Russian Dragoon Saber has the additional embellishment on the hilt that marks it as a Dragoon Officer’s saber over the much more plain version for ordinary cavalry. A discerning eye will notice the similarity between the late 19th century Russian Dragoon Saber and the Cossack saber which was also in widespread military use. This is no mistake as the Dragoon saber was essentially taking the tried-and-true blade and general hilt shape of the Cossack saber and adding a knuckle guard to it. The Dragoon saber even retains the same scabbard style of the Cossack saber which is worn “edge up” to allow for a quick draw with the blade edge already pointed at the foe.

    After 1881, Russian cavalry received a new sword; the 1881 model Russian cavalry saber. They also received a new designation – Dragoon. All Russian cavalry were re-organized into Dragoon units – a tactical nod to the growing difficulties traditional cavalry had with newer, modernizing infantry and artillery arms. Dragoons were cavalry units that while mounted and able to fulfill traditional cavalry duties, were trained to be able to dismount and fight as foot infantry. These hybrid units, effectively mounted infantry, were ideal at seizing objectives and harassing enemies – a role that the new Russian cavalry excelled in.

    This reproduction has a blade of tempered 1055 high carbon steel which is mounted into a hilt of brass with fine-cast detaling, including the monogram cypher of Tsar Nicholas II on the pommel. The grip is well-carved wood which is painted brown and the sword comes with a wood-core scabbard which is bound in black leather and completed with brass fittings and a brass hanging ring.

    Overall Length38"
    Blade Length32 1/8"
    Weight2 lbs 6 oz
    Width30.8 mm
    Thickness7.2 mm - 5.7 mm
    Grip Length3 7/8"
    Blade [1055 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerUniversal Swords
    Country of OriginIndia


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