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Lord of Battles – Titanium Chainmail Half Hauberk / Voiders – Dome Riveted Flat Rings


Additional information

This titanium maile half-hauberk is intended to be worn beneath plate or brigandine armor to provide an underlayer of chainmail defense beneath the gaps in an exterior brigandine or plate armor. The armor neatly covers the arms, collar, armpits and sides of the torso and by omitting much of the lower half of mail defense it greatly lowers to the total overall weight of ones armor since those areas are already aptly covered by the exterior armor and potentially a maile skirt. It has also been cleverly designed to have a tapered torso so that it lays flat and in-line with the body and your padded armor instead of hanging straight down where it would be far less useful.

Being crafted from titanium, the armor is both lighter and stronger than standard mild steel chainmail, making it ideal for medieval sport combat, long days of reenactment and stage / theatre fighting where light and durable chainmail is needed.

The half-hauberk is constructed from dome-riveted flat rings. The individual rings are 17 gauge in thickness with an interior diameter of 9 mm.

  • Sizing / Dimensions
  • Medium: Fits Chest Size of 37″ – 43″ / Sleeve Length is 20″ / Weight: 6 lbs 14 oz
  • Large: Fits Chest Size of 43.5″ – 49″ / Sleeve Length is 20.5″
    X-Large: Fits Chest Size of 49.5″ – 55″ / Sleeve Length is 22″

Please Note: If in doubt about what size to order it is best to order a size larger than your standard shirt size as this mail armor can get tight in the armpit area when worn over a well-padded gambeson. A larger size will be both easier to don and less likely to hinder movement. 

Gauge [17 Gauge]
TypeMail Half Hauberk
MaterialMild Steel
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia


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