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Napoleonic Imperial Guard Light Cavalry Saber with blued-gilt blade – Universal Swords


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    This Napoleonic Light Cavalry Saber identifies itself as a saber belonging to a man among the Chasseurs Cheval de la Garde Impiale – The Horse Chasseurs of the Imperial Guard; so bears the inscription along the spine of the blade. These men often formed the personal bodyguard and escort of Napoleon on campaign; in recognition of their service the Emperor himself often wore the green coat and colors of a colonel of this Imperial Guard Cavalry regiment. The famous Charging Chasseur painting of a supremely dashing Officer of this regiment by Gericault depicts such a saber with the characteristic blue-gilt blade.

    This replica has a blade of tempered EN9 high carbon steel. Almost half of the blade is blued and embellished with gold-colored gilt – this was a luxurious addition to fine blades of this era and may mark this one as an Officers saber. It is a rare, but quite fine feature on a recreation military saber. Depending upon how it catches the light the bluing can vary from deep blue-black to a teal blue to the eye. Gold-toned gilt Imperial motifs of Napoleons Empire and Grande Arm adorn the blade on both sides.

    The hilt is of brass and the grip is leather; it is inlaid with twisted wire of matching brass. A leather protective piece is cut and fitted atop the guard to prevent the scabbard from scratching the finish from contact. The ornate scabbard is of brass with a chape-protector of steel. It has two brass hanging rings for wear or display.

    Please Note: If optional sharpening is selected we do not sharpen the blued part of the blade unless specially requested to do so so as to leave the blue and gilt ornamentation intact.

    Not merely a bodyguard detachment, the Imperial Guard Horse Chasseurs were a light cavalry regiment who distinguished themselves in Napoleons campaigns. Among one of their finer moments was at Austerlitz, when the Imperial Guard Chasseurs and Napoleons colorful Mamelukes charged together into the Russian Imperial Guard. Their bellicose charge created casualties and havoc on the Russians and as a prize they captured Prince Repnin, commander of the Russian Chevalier Guard.

    The Imperial Guard Chasseurs faithfully served and protected Napoleon. During the Russian campaign the Chasseurs escorted Napoleon on a reconnaissance after their victory at Maloyaroslavets – a number of Cossacks ambushed the recon; charging from the woods on horses with sabers drawn, they made a mad dash straight for Napoleon himself! In a rough engagement the Imperial Guard Chasseurs fought off the Cossacks, though one managed to get within twenty yards of Napoleon. A close-enough call for the Emperor; fearing that a future ambush would not fare in his favor, Napoleon would thereafter wear a pouch containing poison on his neck – a final safeguard against capture by the Russians.

    Overall Length38 3/8''
    Blade Length33''
    Weight2 lb 2.8 oz
    Width30.5 mm
    Thickness7.3 mm - 3.7 mm
    Grip Length3 3/4''
    Blade [EN9 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerUniversal Swords
    Country of OriginIndia

    3 reviews for Napoleonic Imperial Guard Light Cavalry Saber with blued-gilt blade – Universal Swords

    1. Dave K.

      Dazzling repro of an elite Imperial Guards Officers Sabre Suddenly, after years doing without. Repro market suppliers have started adding Blue and Gilt detailing to their officer swords. Specifically for the French Napoleonic Army. This is a fairly successful rendering. Blade dynamics are almost never equalled in this market, but if you can get near historical weight and provide some taper you can make buyers happy.

      This package works. The Point of Balance is too nose heavy by 3 inches, but since the under 2.3 lbs, it is manageable.

      Sharpening is offered for this one, but I don’t see B&G sabers being used for cutting parties. The bluing is fragile.

      Really an impressive piece.

    2. Michael S.

      A li’l Competition never hurt anyone I have over two dozen swords from various manufacturers ranging in price from a couple hundred bucks up to over a grand; shields, armor, and most of it from KOA. I’ve bought well, and rarely had buyers remorse; I research long and hard before selecting a new weapon. This sabre was breathtaking right out of the wrapping paper! The recreation is visually stunning! The brass hilt is solid and the scabbard polishes up to nothing less than a mirror-brilliant shine. Nothing feels flimsy or cheap. The blade bluing has a depth to it, and sharpening the leading and false edge is highly recommended. A nice, pointy little secret. Not the most expensive sword in my collection, but wow, definitely one of, if not the most beautiful. Would recommend it to ANY collector.

    3. Caden Bishota (verified owner)

      At the time of review, I saw the price for this weapon decreased $100 from when I bought it. Sucks.
      Yet all gripes aside this is a splendid sword. It is strong and capable; the steel is impeccable in polish and strength. There is not a doubt in my mind that this sword could cross blades with a claymore and live to tell the tale. The sharpening service is a must for any potential buyer, KoA did a fantastic job and left a good blunt region for the ricasso (these are the few inches of the blade unlikely to hit targets but most likely to be blocked with), and the blade could chomp through wood. The decorations might be hit or miss. They seem to be printed on and mine must have hit the printing press at an unideal angle, though it appears my case was an exception to the rule. Still, I like it and it’s a stately addition. The blued gilt is a stunner. Again, mine had a slight defect on one side but it’s nothing to care about. The handle is lovely, sturdy and functional, and the guard though a little uninspired is elegant and strong.
      The balance and handling are just WOW! You can easily stick this in the ground if you’re not careful. Definitely do a little research on how to swing it properly before you do something stupid! It’s hefty, you’ll tire yourself out plenty of times, but monkeying around a little every day or two will build strength in no time.
      My only real, though minor, issues are in the sheath, not the sword. First off, CONGRATULATIONS to Deepeeka for including such an incredible and high-quality sheath for such a low-cost sword. I have swords that are twice or thrice the cost with half the quality of sheath. This thing is legit, way out of its league. Everything about it is impressive, including its steal of a price. Though the brass used does lend it a penny like smell, especially when mixed with your hand’s sweat. You’ll be smelling pennies on your palms after you use it. Next is that the sheath comes with a lovely lion embossing only on one side, so if you’re a lefty like me you won’t be seeing it.
      Overall it’s wonderful! If you’re looking for a saber, they don’t get much better than this!

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