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Officer’s Hanger

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This Officers Hanger has a blade forged from EN45 high carbon steel and its hilt is crafted from brass. The robust leather scabbard is fitted with a brass chape and locket. A small felt tab is fitted atop to guard to cushion it against contact with the scabbard – it can be removed if desired.

A hanger such as this is the type of weapon that many regimental and militia commanders and officers of the 18th century would bear into battle – few were issued by armies and most would be paid for by the officer himself and fashioned according to his own tastes. This one is a simple design, but the cutting, cutlass-like blade was durable and well-suited for a close-in battlefield scrum. The knuckle bar which protects the hand ably doubles as a knuckle duster.

Overall Length30 1/8''
Blade Length24''
Weight2 lb 3 oz
Width34.6 mm
Thickness4.1 mm - 4.2 mm
Grip Length4 3/8''
Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
Country of OriginIndia

1 review for Officer’s Hanger

  1. M. M.

    Officers Hanget Poorly finished blade with uneven finish, also the blade gets stuck in the scabbard. Pooly made scabbard as well. Not worth the price asked.

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