This padded arming cap is created from tough, quilted cotton and padded with natural wool. This all-organic construction allows it to ventilate better than a cap padded with artificial poly-fill. A pair of integrated cotton ties allow it to be secured around the chin. Cap is sized large.

Most medieval and Renaissance warriors could certainly do to have a padded arming cap as an essential component of their battle kit. Whether it is their only piece of head armor or as impact-absorbing padding to wear beneath a steel helmet, the padded cap was a staple of the warriors armor kit for centuries.

On its own, the cap helps protect the head from cuts and is certainly much better than advancing into battle bare-headed, but it really comes into its own when paired with a stout helmet. The helmet deflects or absorbs much force and wont be cut through barring freakish incidents; the cap then absorbs much of the force that passes through the helmet and protects the head from that force.