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EN45 / EN42J / EN9 High Carbon Steel

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These high carbon steel blades are resilient and durable when well tempered.

EN9: Similar to 1050 / 1055 high carbon steel, it is resilient and durable when well tempered. This steel typically has a carbon content of 0.50 – 0.60 and a Manganese content of 0.50 – 0.80. In effect, this gives EN9 similar properties to 1050 or 1055 carbon steel and can likewise be tempered and hardened to give it substantial durability and wear resistance.


EN45: Similar to 9260 spring steel, well-tempered EN45 is flexible and shock resistant. With a composition similar to 9260 this spring steel exhibits similarly impressive flexing characteristics due to its substantial addition of silicon. Often used for the manufacture of automobile leaf springs, this steel can be used to make excellent sword blades with proper heat treatment.

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