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Victorian Sword Cane - 600970

Victorian Sword Cane

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Overall Length: 37 1/4'' (total) - Overall Length (just sword) 22 1/4'' Blade: 17''
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Weight: 8.6 oz
Edge:  Unsharpened
P.O.B.: 1 1/2''
Thickness: 4.6 mm - 3.6 mm
Width: 13.1 mm
Grip Length: 4 1/8''
Pommel: Integrated

For the Victorian gentleman, a cane was a symbol of wealth and status and many were immaculately crafted to reflect this. Unfortunately, the fine trappings of the gentleman marked him as an ideal target for a violent mugging on the seedy cobblestone streets by the rough ‘’toughs’’ of the urban underworld. Naturally, an emphasis on self defense using the cane was a practical part of a gentleman’s education and some took it a step further by disguising a hidden sword blade within a hollow cane.

Not only was the rapier-like sharp steel far more deadly, but the surprise of its sudden appearance in the hand of a supposedly weak victim could put the assailant off guard. Though thin-bladed, these stabbing swords were very lethal, for a thrusting sword can easily pierce vital organs, and wounds created by piercing blades are very difficult to treat and the internal bleeding is often uncontrollable. This is often complicated by many sword blades having distinctly triangular or quadrangle blade geometry, which further frustrates attempts at medical attention afterwards. These are slim, elegant and facetiously deadly designs; well suited to the narrow alleyways and twisted, cutpurse-haunted streets that the Victorian Gentleman would have to defend himself in.

In recent years the sword cane has been enjoying a resurgence of popularity as several Victorian-themed big-screen flicks have showcased the sword-cane. Most notably at the deft hands of Dr. Watson in Sherlock Holmes (2009). This has a connection, for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle mentioned ‘’Baritsu’’ in his tales. This is from the Victorian gentleman’s self-defense martial art Bartitsu - a combination of jujutsu, judo, boxing and cane fighting. Its adherents dedicated themselves to fighting unarmed, as well as mastering the use of a cane in a manner similar to fencing. Half-martial art and half sporting club, Bartitsu promulgated this self defense in London, and had similar contemporaries elsewhere in Europe.

Andrew Jackson, always the tenacious fighter, often had a disguised sword cane at hand, which he did, on one occasion, skewer the thigh of business partner Samuel Jackson (no relation) in an altercation on the streets of 1806 Nashville.

This sword cane is crafted from black enameled hardwood with antiqued brass accents It has a hidden short sword of unsharpened high carbon steel that is held in place by a button lock. The grip is decorated with a top half of hand-carved bone and a bottom half of horn. The grip is capped by a antiqued brass cap with a regal lions head upon it. An anti-slip rubber cap is attached to the bottom of the cane.

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