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Loose Lamellar Plates - Type 2 - 20 Gauge - Pack of 100 - SNSA9703

Loose Lamellar Plates - Type 2 - 20 Gauge - Pack of 100

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These loose lamellar plates come in packs of 100 and are ready to be used to fashion your own lamellar armor. They are crafted from 20 gauge steel. They are packed with preservative grease to prevent rust. Some dried grease may be on the plates but it can be easily buffed off.

Constructed of overlapping plates of steel, bronze or leather and laced together in typically horizontal rows with cords, Lamellar gives excellent protection and restricts the mobility of its user much less than scale mail, which it largely replaced. Some of the Medieval history’s famed warriors used Lamellar Armor such as the Byzantine Cataphracts, the Mongols and the Japanese Samurai and it could be seen on warriors from Eastern Europe to Japan.

Lamellar gives the plate protection to its wearer and the plates which overlap and ‘’flex’’ against one another with movement give good mobility. Being composed of small plates fitted together with cord, lamellar is also easier to construct than the large steel plate armor favored in medieval western Europe. Lamellar plates could be lacquered to protect them from rust.

3 15/16'' Long x 1 1/8'' Wide
Weight of Individual Plate: 0.7 oz
20 Gauge Steel

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